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Danice was so helpful in helping me breastfeed! I was having such a hard time getting our daughter to latch since birth and almost gave up. I was exclusively pumping for 3 weeks before reaching out to try breastfeeding again with professional help this time! Danice showed us different ways of nursing, burping, how to relieve gas, and the body mechanics needed in order for our baby to nurse comfortably! Thank you so much again!

                                                                                                                                                -Lisa W. 



Danice is an amazing lactation consultant! Being a mom of 2 I had such a different experience the 2nd time around. I was highly concerned about bleeding and the clogs that gave me the famous “strawberry milk”. She helped me understand a good latch. She was professional, kind, informative, and right on point with the direction she gave me! Highly recommended!

                                                                                                                                                     - Jasmine B.


I am truly happy to found Danice! She has helped encourage and keep me on track with my breastfeeding journey with both my kiddos! Resourceful, knowledgeable, compassionate and professional, Danice has been able to help me with all aspect of my breastfeeding journey (latching, pumping, bottle feeding and nighttime wakings). Rest assured you are in competent loving hands.

- Nydia P.


Danice helped me when my baby was 7 months old and essentially had a failure to thrive diagnosis. I had been breastfeeding since day one and this was my third baby. We did a weighted feed and he was only transferring 1.5 oz! He had a tongue tie fixed at birth, but we went and did another revision. He did get better but it took time. However, she was with me when my baby got the procedure done and followed up with me. Now my baby is finally on the growth chart, but definitely a thriving 20 month old toddler! She helped me try to boost my supply and was patient with me when I got so frustrated. I would recommend her to anyone looking for breastfeeding support during their journey! Each baby is different and there is always more to learn (even if it is your 3rd breastfed baby)!

- Julie H.

You are excellent!

- Veenita T.

Danice was a pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgeable and provided me with lots of resources and all the necessary support. Even after our sessions together she was happy to support me and answer all of my questions. I appreciated having someone to guide me during this new stage of my life.

                                                                                                                          - Alex A.


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