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Baby Breastfeeding
A personal appointment can be beneficial for many reasons:
  • The baby is nursing abnormally within 48 hours.

  • Painful breastfeeding.

  • Low milk supply.

  • Feeling engorged.

  • You are interested in learning how to combo feed, or exclusively pump.

  • Multiple feedings that were difficult.

  • Your baby is experiencing abnormal bowel movements, or if your baby is tired and has been fed less than eight times in 24 hours.

  • If your baby is choking or gagging while feeding.

  • If your baby is slow to gain weight.

  • If you notice abnormalities in the breasts while nursing.

  • You’re looking to return to work or school.

In Person Consultation: 
A full medical history is done at this appointment. Medical history filled out prior to appointment will be discussed in depth. A feeding session is observed, with a before and after weight taken to assess intake. I will help you make some adjustments based on what is observed to comfort. We will discuss any questions and concerns you may have. Visit times are approximate and, are not rushed. It is ideal if your baby has not eaten for at least an hour or more before an appointment to accurately assess intake. An initialized plan will be emailed to you and a 1 week follow up through phone or email to reassess the plan and to discuss if any follow ups are needed. 

Virtual Consults

A full review on medical history is discussed. Assessment of infant's feeding session with necessary suggestions to comfort. Establishment of feeding goals and individual plan created. Questions and concerns are discussed. Follow up 1 week post appointment via phone or email. 


Prenatal Consults
2hrs Virtual, In Home or Group (Group Pricing avail)

Review of prenatal & medical history

Benefits of breastfeeding

Expectations the first few days to couple weeks after delivery

Prepare family and support system for arrival

Discussion of barriers lactation parent may face

Therapeutic Breast Massage 
30 mins

Helps with clogged ducts, blebs and mastitis

Mother and Newborn

Breastfeeding Support

Ask questions, meet new friends
and get support.

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